Inspiring campaigns of Publicis Groupe agencies

A big dose of inspiration is a great way to start the new year. Here are some captivating campaigns created by Publicis Groupe agencies around the world, that stimulate creativity.

Toyota, Chinwag, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand

Kiwis love their trucks. And what better way to celebrate the launch of the new Toyota Hilux than with a good ol’ get together with the crew.

Absolut, It’s in Our Spirit, BBH Singapore

Featuring appearances by Tessa Thompson, MNE, and more, Absolut celebrates the joy of bringing everyone together IRL soon by merging the virtual and real world in this animated film.

Pampers, Lino’s New Life, Saatchi & Saatchi Italy

How about this for a bedtime story? Now used diapers can have a second life as Pampers turns these notoriously stinky bundles of waste into children’s books.

Citi, True Name, Publicis New York

What’s in a name? For many trans and non-binary folk being able to pick a name is often an uphill battle. Citi recognized their struggle by allowing customers to choose their name—regardless of what’s on their birth certificate.

Heineken, Shutter Ads, Publicis Italy

Worldwide lockdowns forced many bars to shut their doors, but where many saw a challenge, Heineken saw an opportunity to help businesses by turning their closed shutters as canvases for ads.

Mondelēz, Oreo Vault, The Community Miami

If the world is about to be destroyed by an asteroid, who will save the Oreos? Meet Markus, the unlikely hero our world needs.