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How to increase performance and prepare for cookieless in META environment?

We are currently witnessing of the extremely dynamic changes in the world of technology. We’re already observing a real evolutionary roadmap with the removal of third-party cookies in the Chrome browser. Since January of this year, cookies have already been phased out for 1% of users, and the complete removal of 3rd party cookies from Chrome is planned for the second half of 2024 (date subject to change depending on test results). By now, the amount of data we can monitor in campaigns is decreasing at an alarming rate and is due to, among other things, updates to other browsers, IOS, or the use of adblock. We strongly encourage the implementation of tools that minimize the consequences of these limitations while delivering precise measurement and performance benefits. One of those solutions is the META Conversion API, a method for tracking and connecting user events, complementary to the (META) Facebook Pixel. 

Benefits of META Conversion API

Following the growing need to accurately measure user activity on the site, personalize communications, and ultimately optimize activities based on data, it is beyond question that it is worth implementing CAPI now.

What the implementation of META Conversion API (CAPI) will help with:

  • allow you to use more complete data for ad optimization and improve the measurement;
  • measure real business value – you will see an increase in measured conversions, an increase in acquired customers, which ultimately lowers the cost of sales acquisition;
  • give the opportunity to enrich first-party data (server), unlike Meta Pixel, which uses only third-party cookies (browser);
  • in cookieless will be one of the ways to transfer campaign performance data to Meta;
  • give space for testing and research – Conversion Lift Study (new!).

Conversions API: Optimise and improve ad performance | Meta for Business (

META Pixel and META Conversion API

The majority of advertisers are currently using META Pixel. This is a technology that uses 3rd party cookies and is dependent on the current state of browsers and the information they can provide. META Conversion API is a method based on sending company data from its own server to a META server (server 2 server), which makes it resistant to browser changes and data loss that often occurs with cookies. Importantly, the type of events sent by the Conversion API is analogous to those of META Pixel, so it also allows you to measure and send conversions, but in a more accurate way. In fact, this allows you to optimize your campaigns in META Business Manager with more precision. Currently, when both methods are available, it is recommended to use both META Pixel and META Conversion API in parallel, which will increase the efficiency of operations and prepare the environment well for upcoming changes without data duplication.

Crucially, taking care of users’ privacy, META Conversion API sends data to the server only after obtaining permission (similar to META Pixel). In addition, META guarantees the security of the data transfer process by encrypting the data.

“BE READY” for effective activities and coming changes

Implementing META CAPI is a strategic step that should be taken now. Some gaps in measurement reduce optimization opportunities. And it won’t be long before the lack of META CAPI implementation will have a negative impact on business – you’ll have to deal with cookieless data loss, lack of optimization opportunities, META campaign limitations to reach/trafficking activities only, and a marked reduction in the amount of information acquired about consumers, which will also involve the lack of ability to measure the effectiveness of activities.

Steps to take:

  • Familiarize yourself with CAPI: Find out what it is and what benefits it can bring to your company.
  • Choose an implementation option: Tailor the implementation method to the specifics of your business.
  • Update your privacy policy: Make sure your policy is compliant.
  • Implement CAPI: Follow your chosen method and contact YOTTA for support.
  • Monitor and optimize: Analyze results and improve your campaigns, taking advantage of the benefits of CAPI implementation.

With YOTTA, CAPI implementation becomes simple and effective. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process. Contact us today: