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Gaming & Video. The Chinese offensive, or war at its best – who will win the fight for the viewer?

– TikTok open for measurement – growing alternative to walled-gardens – Another competitor for Twitch, namely Tencent is launching streaming – Microsoft sells its streaming service to Facebook – Spotify is getting ready to jump on video

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of video consumption without a doubt, and the rapidly growing TikTok has also benefited from this. This Chinese social networking site has the ambition of becoming a strong player when it comes to user-generated video content and more. It is also starting to tempt its marketer platform by clearly communicating that it wants to be an open platform for measuring the effectiveness of campaigns from both the research and ad verification side. The fact that Facebook released its alternative in May in the form of the Collab application only confirms that they feel the breath of the competition on their backs. Who knows, maybe big changes in social media platforms are coming.

Another Chinese player who is seizing the opportunity is Tencent, which has been working on its Amazon Twitch alternative since at least March. This platform is called Trovo and is currently available in beta. As we know, Tencent is the owner of WeChat, one of the largest apps in the world, and is also the publisher of many well-known mobile titles: AAA – Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, but not only. Additionally, he is a shareholder of many businesses associated with the gaming industry, such as Riot Games (LoL, Valorant); Epic Games (Fortnite, Epic Store), which they will certainly want to use.

However, this is not all from the world of streaming, Mixer, which until recently belonged to Microsoft, was closed. The end of Mixer is the beginning of Microsoft’s cooperation with Facebook, which has been conducting strong promotional activities on its Gaming platform for a long time. All the content is to be transferred to FB Gaming. For Facebook itself, this is a great opportunity to use the potential of reaching out to PC players (Windows) and X-Box owners. What’s interesting, last year, Microsoft conducted a spectacular transfer of one of the most popular streamers in the world – Ninje from Twitch to Mixer. Ninja can now be streamed on Twitch again, but there are new reports that perhaps we will see it on … Spotify.

This is still unconfirmed, but there have been leaks about Spotify, which is expected to introduce video podcasts on its platform next year, perhaps it will also enter video streaming. What’s more, they are to do this collaboration with the trio: Dr. Disrespect, Shroud and the previously mentioned Ninja. We’ll see how this case develops, but undoubtedly Spotify could mess up a lot on this market – it’s available on all possible platforms, and most importantly, it has huge experience with audio streaming.