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Social Media. I’m KEEN!

Google seems to keep on trying to create a social platform that millions will love. The latest one – called KEEN – seems to me personally the most interesting of the giant’s proposals.

KEEN resembles Pinterest, because it can also catalogues the content that interests us, and this can be both images and links, texts, audio and video content. The materials are grouped here in the so-called “keen”. (to be keen on sth.), because the platform is supposed to help in collecting content on a topic that we are currently interested in or passionate about, help in gaining knowledge and skills. Users can make their resources public or they can hide them (default setting). KEEN is currently only available in English as a website and as a mobile application for Android, and you can log in through your Google account.

The platform is starting to create communities around such narrow topics as: “keep up to date with machine learning”; “typography” and “experience Oktoberfest in Germany”. So will we have the male face of Pinterest? This is definitely worth observing, although it’s still a long way from achieving a big reach and any advertising offer.