What’s up in China? Challenging times for coaches, and golden for hairdressers, i.e. about reevaluation during an epidemic

Searching for clues about the “new world”, altered by the Covid-19 epidemic, is increasingly directing us towards markets that are already emerging from the pandemic period. Everyone’s eyes are on the Far East – where the Avantgarde team published the fascinating analysis from Shanghai in cooperation with Trendburo. They compared the content from January-February 2020 with the material from 2019 and aggregated in terms of the most important values for consumers. The result is presented in the attached table (on the next slide).

The most interesting result is the “crisis of success”. The value that dominated the lives of the Chinese last year, and which could also have been of great significance to Poles, suddenly fell to a distant place behind the podium. Metatrend, which influenced the development of both private education and courses, as well as all kinds of personal development coaches and trainers, became one of the main victims of the reevaluation in the Covid-19 era. Hence, all narratives in this area seem to be something that will come back to us (if at all) only after some time. LinkedIn must swallow it. Similarly, the body of organizers of industry competitions!

Another significant trend is the (obvious) advancement of family values – all the more interesting in such a collectivist society as China. It seems that he will be present (already?) With us. The well-being and safety of the family in the coming months will remain the most important driving force of people’s behaviour, which is noticed by the marketers cited in the report: this trend will reduce the desire to use public transport, which can be used in their plans by (reviving after lockdown) car manufacturers, e.g. Geely Automobiles is investing huge sums in creating not only smart but also healthy cars

The decrease in the importance of personal success to strengthen family values ​​will also probably affect educational plans for the coming years: the Ximalaya audio-learning platform has reported a 128% increase in YTY as a result of the epidemic. This finding needs to be taken with a pinch of salt due to the apparent factor of compulsory e-learning.Finally, an interesting thread is the increase in the “need for freedom” directly resulting from its restriction (also in the long run) by governments. We seem to sacrifice our freedom for security, but we must look for compensation somewhere. Brands may try to fill the void in this way, which is especially essential for all entities offering holiday trips. Although currently many companies in this industry are on the verge of collapse, in China ¾ respondents (sic!) declared that as soon as the restrictions are over, they will “go somewhere”. Recently published research by Natalia Hatalska shows that only 21% of Poles dream of travelling within Poland (almost 1/3 of the visit to the hairdresser!), But they are still millions of potential “vacationers”. Let the restrictions be lifted until then, and I’m going to,  just like a quarter of Poles, throw a party for my loved ones, and I wish the same for you.