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UGC on TV Each balcony has its own story, and each of us can become a full-fledged creator of TV content

Over the past days and weeks, we’ve been watching people from all over the world sharing fun stories from their own homes on social media.

From now you can also watch them on TV. “Balcony Stories” is a production that was commissioned by the ViacomCBS media group and in cooperation with Fremantle. It uses short video forms recorded by online media users. The creator can also watch his/her content, on ViacomCBS channels, after its publication on website. In this way, the “regular” TV viewer can become creator. This is a new approach when it comes to creating content for offline medium. The short video form, typical for social media, is now on TV, which up till this point has been lacking this type of content. During the confinement at home, when the TV viewership has increased, such an attempt to diversify television offer is a pleasant and positive surprise. It is also an interesting solution for creating new content.

The “Balcony Stories” format debuted on April 22 on ViacomCBS channels around the world, including on MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Paramount Networks, BET and Spike ViacomCBS Networks International and digital platforms in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In Poland, the clips can be watched on MTV Polska, Comedy Central and VH1. “Balcony Stories” are broadcast from Monday to Friday, and the best content of the week will be displayed every Saturday, in a special extended edition. Selected content will also be used to broadcast worldwide.