Desserts and baking category. Manufacturers of ingredients for homemade sweets may be another category that has gained during pandemic

According to a report prepared by Listonic during the lockdown, products from the desserts and baked goods category were incredibly popular. In the first week of restrictions (March 9-15), the increase in interest in cake products and additions was 248%. In the second week (March 16-22), these articles already recorded a slight 1% increase, while a much more steep rise took place, among others 270% for baking powder.

While at home, we had more time to return to the tradition of cooking or baking. Hence the growing demand for ingredients and additives necessary for these activities. Another reason may be the closure of some pastry shops and bakeries, and of course the restrictions associated with leaving home.

Influencers help us to strengthen and develop newly acquired skills. Many of them show their confectionery achievements, thus providing new inspiration to their viewers. Incredibly popular are the Instagram stories they share, where they publish recipes and show step by step how to make them – in the form of photos or short films showing the whole process. Interestingly, you can see how engaging content is for their followers. They not only follow the recipes, but also brag about their baked goods on their profiles, tagging the recipient’s creator, who in turn add followers’ achievements to their account. Companies with home baking products should now “take over”, ensuring that “new” home confectioners do not give up their newly discovered passions. The role of media and communication is vital in this.