Poles’ shopping. Fewer restrictions in stores resulted in a significant increase in the value of the shopping basket

As Nielsen informs, based on data from the Retail Panel, week # 17 (20-26.04) showed that removing the first restrictions in stores (since this week the rule regarding the number of people who can be in stores simultaneously has been changed) ), brings positive results for the value of the shopping cart. It increased not only compared to the previous period (increase by 38%), but also year-on-year (increase by 22%). However, in the latter case, it should be borne in mind that we compare the data to the holiday week. Still, the growing trend is a pleasant surprise for all analysts.

It is interesting to analyze the categories that have risen and fallen. Among the first are cleaning products (which is not surprising), but also beer and ice cream. The last two product may suggest that in the current situation consumers do not deny themselves the “pleasure” category and reach for them more willingly than before. Classes, which have lost their popularity, primarily concern makeup cosmetics – which can be explained by the fact that a significant proportion of consumers in this category still minimizes leaving home, so already bought cosmetics last longer. Sales of rolls are also decreasing. This result is worth confronting with the recent statement by Grzegorz Putka, managing director of the Bakery Confectionery Putka, who mentions a two- or even three-fold increase in sales of toast bread. Which, as more durable and more comfortable to store, probably partly displaced the popular “Kaiser rolls”. However, we believe that only for a moment!