We are optymistic about the future – campaigns from Publicis Groupe’s agencies around the world

In this edition, we’re sharing some positive and inspiring campaigns from around the Groupe. McDonald’s new spot shows how laughter can bring us together, Heineken celebrates the early-vaccinated elderly who are ready to hit the dance floor, and Dr. Bhosale’s tragic but inspiring story of his selfless acts of care and a dream that lives on.

McDonald’s, Laughter (Leo Burnett London)

‘Laughter’, takes a simple format—doing away with words in favor of a focus on laughter as the thread that unites the various groups of people and aims to show how an invitation to get a McDonald’s is not just an invitation to enjoy the food, but to let go of life’s pressures and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

Heineken, The night is young (Publicis Italy)

This time it is the seniors who are the early adopters. Having received their vaccinations ahead of the curve, we gave them the spotlight to remind those with vaccine hesitancy of the long-awaited sociable moments that we have missed throughout lockdown. Previous campaigns have focused around socialising responsibly but as we hit an inflection point that brings us closer to post-pandemic, we’re sharing a fun message for all that there are fresh beginnings ahead.

Cathay, Life elevated (Publicis Groupe Hong Kong)

As Cathay announces its evolution from an airline to a premium travel lifestyle brand the film visualizes these rewards with a playful take on a magical world where the protagonist finds herself elevated. She explores a lush vegetable garden, a sea of dresses, a fitness galaxy and a space filled with hotel chairs, only to discover that these scenes are all housed within Cathay’s new premium travel lifestyle brand.

Ancestry, Uncle Jack / Great aunt Mary (Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney)

For most people, knowledge of their family history only goes as far as what they’ve been told by their immediate family members – and the accuracy of these stories can be questionable. This campaign, shows the tapestry of information available through the Ancestry platform, and how, with a little help, you can piece it all together to see the full picture of your family story.

Procter & Gamble/Vicks, Care Lives On (Publicis Singapore)

This film takes us on the inspiring journey of Dr Bhosale’s selfless acts of care, as he left no stone unturned to ensure many less fortunate children received life-saving medical attention during the pandemic. Gone too soon, Dr Bhosale left behind his wife, kids, and his dreams of building his own paediatric hospital.

Carrefour, Healthy Map (Publicis Conseil)

Carrefour is launching on Fortnite with The Healthy Map: the first creative map that allows gamers to regain life only by eating healthily. Players can heal themselves exclusively with fruits, vegetables and fish, where they usually use healing kits and potions to recover health points. The map transports us to the ‘Carrefour of Tomorrow’, more ecological and responsible: a supermarket with its electric recharging stations, trucks running on biomethane, a responsible fishing zone, fields of organic fruit and vegetables and a farm respecting animal welfare.