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Social media. Yes, TikTok, Walt

Kevin Mayer, responsible for the success of the new Disney Plus streaming service (50 million subscribers in 5 months) filed a resignation. Not because something is not OK with Disney, but rather because something is very OK with TikTok, the company he became president of. “This strange application for kids to create videos that neither boomers nor millennials understand” ceases to be “strange” as quickly as ByteDance’s market share increases in China – from 5% in 2017 to 22% last year. At this time, only Alibaba has a market share larger than ByteDance. W tym momencie udziały większe od ByteDance ma jedynie Alibaba.

You can, of course, wait for Facebook to defend itself against this destined to succeed platform, which owns its popularity mainly to the pandemic (115 million app downloads in March). However, it is better for marketers and their business partners (if this is not the case yet) to start considering their brands’ presence on TikTok.

The official profile in the application has already been created by RedBull, Chipotle, Mercedes, Samsung, Washington Post and recently Apple, although in the case of the latter, this is where its activity ended. Although the TikTok algorithm remains a closely guarded secret, both celebrities and brands are slowly beginning to understand what works and what doesn’t – Will Smith already has over 25 million followers, and his videos have nearly 90 million views, RedBull over 4 million followers and over 5 million views of its videos (the best Madonna’s TikTok has less than 218k views).