Spotlight on the ANDYs. Publicis Groupe agency campaigns around the world.

The International ANDY Awards, the first show of the year, celebrate the ideas, craft, innovation and brave thinking that pushes our industry forward. As one of the most sought-after awards for creative excellence in advertising for over 50 years, The ANDYs are a predictor and barometer of the industry’s best. We present the awarded campaigns created by Publicis Groupe agencies around the world, which were distinguished in this year’s edition.

National Women’s History Museum and Chief, Glass Ceiling Breaker (BBH New York)

Kamala Harris was about to break through one of the highest glass ceilings there is. She was about to become the first woman, first Black American, and first Asian American to hold the United States’ second-highest office. We thought that fact deserved some attention.

CRAFT and IDEA Awards

Google, Black Owned Friday (BBH New York)

Black Friday is a day of huge consumer spending. But in a year of challenging circumstances for small businesses, it felt like it needed to change. We flipped the focus and funds towards small Black-owned businesses, spotlighting their stories and the value they create when people shop at them.

CRAFT and IDEA Awards

Running Stories (BBH Singapore)

Let’s face it: despite the health benefits, running can be boring. Running Stories is the first audio-tainment app that uses live data, such as time and location, to transform popular running routes into the dramatic stage for immersive fictional experiences.

IDEA Award

Telekom Romania, The Online Park (Leo Burnett Romania)

For Romanian kids, the internet has become their playground, exposing them to dangers lurking online. But because online threats are often abstract and hard to grasp, parents don’t use any software to protect them. To make the online dangers understandable for the Romanian parents, Telekom created the “The Online Park”.

IDEA Award

Kraft Heinz Country Time, Littlest Bailout (Leo Burnett Chicago)

With the economic repercussions of COVID-19, the big guys were muscling the little guys out of the way and pushing for bailout funds meant for small businesses. To help the smallest of small businesses, kids’ lemonade stands, Country Time launched the Littlest Bailout Relief Fund, a fund to send stimulus checks to kids who had to close their lemonade stands due to COVID-19.

IDEA Award

Anheuser-Busch, Half Fans (Leo Burnett Colombia)

To drive attention and attendance – and all-round support – for Colombia’s women football teams, Cerveza Aguila created “Half Fans,” a bold campaign that spoke directly to football fans’ dedication with symbolic partial logos.


Diesel, Francesca (Publicis Italy)

The short video features a young woman, who is assigned male at birth, as she begins transitioning through life, in feats both big and small, achieving her dreams.


Barilla, Playlist Timer (Publicis Italy)

A data driven campaign that turns Spotify playlists into a cooking timer for pasta by creating a series of compilations that last just as long as the cooking time of different pasta shapes.

IDEA and RESET Awards

The J.M. Smucker Company , Jif vs Gif (Publicis New York)

“If you’ve ever called a Gif a Jif, we forgive you.” That’s the word from Jif peanut butter and Giphy as they team up to settle the great debate over how to pronounce Gif (hard-G please).

IDEA Award

Tikkun Olam Makers, The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle (Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness New York)

An open source design, 100% compostable and child resistant bottle can be, once emptied, composted to enrich soil. Now pharmacies can fill patients’ prescriptions that are good for their health with packaging that’s good for the planet.


Mondelez, The OREO Doomsday Vault the community (Miami)

If the world is about to be destroyed by an asteroid, who will save the Oreos? Meet Markus, the unlikely hero our world needs.

IDEA and CRAFT Awards