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How much does advertising at Euro 2020 cost?

The final tournament of Euro 2020 is approaching, and football fever is getting hotter every day. Fans’ expectations of the Polish team’s performance are growing in direct proportion to advertisers’ expectations of this period in advertising. Therefore, this is the perfect moment to take a look at what TV stations have prepared for us on the occasion of the upcoming football advertising feast.

The license rights to broadcast the matches have been bought by Telewizja Polska and it is on its airwaves that we will be able to follow Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo in search of ratings. The potential of the final tournaments of the world and European football championships is best reflected by the fact that the last such events attracted an audience of over 30 million in front of the TV. In Poland, the sport is played or enjoyed by nearly 23 million people, which makes the World Cup a time when it is worth investing in a new TV set to sit in front of it with friends (who have already been vaccinated, of course).

The broadcasts will be conducted on TVP1/TVP2 and TVP Sport. Analyzing the offer strictly in terms of TV, it should be noted that the purchase of spots on the main channel as well as on TVP Sport is connected and it is not possible to purchase them separately. It is also worth noting that the discounts for the Polish matches, the semi-finals and the final, as well as the remaining matches, are calculated in two ways. In the group phase the most expensive advertising breaks can be found during Polish matches, and the most expensive ones are after the first half and before the second half. Such a break during the match between Spain and Poland is valued at PLN 400,900 for the broadcast in TVP1 plus PLN 60,800 for a spot in TVP Sport for a 30 second spot. For comparison, the most expensive break during the Polish match at the World Cup in Russia was valued at PLN 395 thousand. These prices are quite staggering, but when we add discounts and audience – and we can speak here of a rating of 25 GRP in the All 16-59 group – the price seems very attractive and becomes a sensible capital investment in the brand image. Taking a closer look at the championship schedule and prices, it is worth noting such matches as France vs Germany or England vs Croatia, which are reasonably priced in relation to the expected audience. A certain game of advertisers with our national team begins when we think about the matches after the Polish team leaves the group, where in the case of promotion to the finals you will have to pay PLN 642 thousand for 30 seconds of the top break on TVP1 and TVP Sport.

Euro will be another event giving opportunities for the development of HBB TV, which has been in development for many years in our country, and this may be the moment when it will interest a wider audience.

We will live football not only on the TVP screen but also other broadcasters will present pre-game warm-ups, studios and every news service will be filled with the latest gossip from on and off the pitch. We will be able to warm up for each match in an alternative way with Cafe Football on Polsat Sport or look for a wide range of content on both TVP’s and other broadcasters’ websites, who are currently very actively looking for business partners to work with.

During the event we will be able to see commercials from global championship partners such as: Coca Cola, Vivo and, who will be tempting us to translate the brand image of the top players running around the pitches of 12 European cities into online or local shopping. The past few years have shown how strongly sports events involve stars of the pitch in marketing, but whether we will see a repeat of the Russian World Cup, when there was a smiling footballer on every store shelf, remains to be seen. We are very excited to see how creative and innovative the brands’ approach to these types of campaigns will be this year.