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Outdoor in the times of #stayathome is going through a rough patch – but finding solution for this medium is still possible Varia

Traffic in some cities has dropped to almost zero

This is a hard time for the entire OOH industry, but for traditional boards, you can negotiate terms and freebies. It is also a great time to use the opportunities offered by digital OOH – a flexible purchasing model, changing the creation in real-time, including downloading them from, e.g. live feed. Digital media also uses brands that are currently conducting CSR activities or have joined the #stayathome campaign – e.g. Coca-Cola and co-founder of Reddit.

Can OOH be part of the #stayathome campaign?

Students came up with a brilliant idea for a campaign that could be released by Netflix, for example: if you don’t stay at home, you’ll come across OOH carriers with spoilers of your favorite series. Due to their locations, it will be impossible to avoid them.