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Media consumption during the pandemic. Poles believe that although they use the media more often than before, this will change

As the latest GWI study shows (May 19-26), Poles still declare more intensive use of media and home entertainment, such as playing games.

More interestingly, however, they admit that these behaviours will not be permanent, which means they will someday return to the so-called standards. In a word, the frequency will decrease. The most significant differences between current and future behaviour is related to playing video games, watching TV, using mobile apps and spending more time on e-sport.

The relatively smallest difference affects more “valuable” behaviours, such as online education or reading. Nevertheless, also in these cases, it is over 50%. Thus, it is clear that in terms of media behaviour, the majority of Poles consider the current state, which is still characterized by the increased use of many solutions, as situation. Also, we underestimate how quickly certain habits can become permanent.

Source: GWI