„Harvest yourself”. Everything you can do in an orchard, without scaring the farmer, i.e., helping horticulture is a popular website that enables “regular consumer” to harvest fruits by themselves. Farmers and orchard owners invite, via the free website’s announcements, to harvest their crops. After making an appointment, you can come with your family and harvest vegetables and fruits, paying less for a kilo than in a store. Meetings for cherries or strawberries were booked on the spot, and the phone is still ringing off the hook.

This is an excellent example of an initiative born from observation and one that answers the needs of both parties. The needs of fruit growers, struggling with low purchase prices and shortage of employees (especially with closed borders), and the needs of consumers: attracted not only by low prices, but also by the opportunity to spend time with family in a unique way and, e.g. showing children “where food comes from” and how much work farming requires. Many farmers also allow, for example, to pet household animals, or to have a picnic, or simply as one ad states: “everything you can do in the orchard without scaring the farmer.” Revelation.