Inspiring campaigns from Publicis Groupe’s agencies around the world

This week we’re taking a look at some more ideas and interesting campaigns created by agencies from Publicis Groupe. And these include an ingenious way to celebrate the fact that Mercedes-Benz will power their factories using renewable energy, or the creatively colorful radio spots for C&C that found a way to hijack radio playlists to sell paint, or the exciting eCommerce revolution from a platform that allowed staff to continue to work even when stuck at home during the pandemic.

Mercedes-Benz, The Millboard (Publicis Emil)

Mercedes-Benz will soon power its production plants worldwide with 100% renewable electricity. To announce this, Publicis Emil turned one of Europe’s largest wind turbines into an iconic brand installation and a global campaign.

Toyota, Where Freedom Meets Family (Saatchi & Saatchi Australia)

This spot brings freedom and family together to prove the 2021 Kluger Hybrid is just as much for the adults as it is for the family.

Lacoste, L.12.12 (Publicis Luxe Paris)

This is the game that characterizes L.12.12. The new campaign captures the essence of the iconic polo shirt that is not limited to a style, setting or context. We see a young generation, owning the city streets with their unique movements, vision, and culture whether it comes from sport, fashion or art.

Tesco, Pop To Your Local (BBH London)

On the much anticipated date of 12th April, the re-opening of hospitality venues in the UK, Tesco released a print ad encouraging people to support their local pub’s reopening instead of taking the opportunity to shout about their own offering – because Every Little Helps.

C&C, Paint FM (Publicis Brazil)

What do colors sound like? Could songs with colors in their titles, like Yellow Submarine and Purple Rain, be used to sell paint? Through the radio, songs of all genres and generations were used to tell listeners about the amazing colors of paint that could be found at C&C.

Falabella, 3362 Falabella (Leo Burnett Colombia)

During the pandemic, a lot of retail stores had to close their doors, meaning workers were left without jobs. For Falebella, this didn’t sit well. An exciting eCommerce idea lead to a revolution in both online shopping and work-from-home retail employment. Retail workers at Falabella could now host a custom online store with their favorite products and personalized promotions, all for commission.