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Influencer marketing. When quarantine limits the capabilities of video and photo production, brands use influencers’ resources

They don’t need people, equipment or weeks of preparation to create content. That is why they do great all the time, creating more and adjusting their message to the situation. They are a salvation for brands, which have a massive problem with creating content and reaching out with right messages during this period. About who are we talking? Of course, about influencers. The current situation highlights their next, not fully realized advantage, which is their “creative and productive self-sufficiency.”

Captain Jack and Suchar Codzienny organized a live ‘party’ on Facebook. Jokes, puns and beer on the agenda.

Radek Kotarski encourages safe banking from home – he made the material for TV commercial without leaving his own.

Source: GetHero, 6-12.03 vs 16-22.03