Home quarantine causes boredom and Internet challenges are here to help

Most of the world has joined the fight against the spread of COVID-19 through entire country lockdowns and home quarantine. As a result, millions of people, to avoid boredom and awaken a sense of community, are turning to social media, where there is a noticeable flow of “online challenges” – challenges that are flooding Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok.
It is enough to mention a few recently popular ones, such as uploading your childhood photos or picture puzzles.

On this wave, WHO decided to take advantage of this trend and initiated the #SafeHands challenge action on 13 March, which aimed to instruct and encourage proper hand washing in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many celebrities, as well as ordinary people, took part (klik) (klik) (klik)

Music stars, celebrities, influencers and athletes who have more free time in the current situation join the fun. There are such absurd “challenges” as #PillowChallenge or #ToiletPaperChallenge (dribbling with such an on-demand product was initiated by the stars of FC Barcelona (klik) combined with the encouragement of #StayatHome. In the Polish yard, Julia Wieniawa challenges her, encouraging her to raise her leg as high as possible. #WieniawaChallenge was adopted by Agata Młynarska and Kasia Zielińska (klik)

The brands have also decided to use this way of reaching: they encourage them to have fun together and of course, to observe quarantine.RedBull, together with Gregor Schlierenzauer, initiated Can Challenge 3.0 consisting in high jumps through the bar set on cans … RedBull. The challenge was accepted by, among others Adam Malysz (klik)
Decathlon with its action #CwiczeWDomu encourages training in four walls during quarantine and nominates competitive sports brands Go Sport, 4F and athletes. (klik)

Source: InfluTool