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Consumers do not expect influencers to give up advertising – “it’s their job”.

Survey among online users shows that influencers should not stop advertising campaigns because these activities give the illusion of normality.Respondents also understand that this is a source of income for influencers. The respondents emphasized that this could not be a way to get rich on the tragedy or encourage quarantine breaking. They suggested the involvement of influencers in promoting companies that make time at home more enjoyable (e.g. online shopping, food suppliers, movie platforms, audiobooks). Respondents’ statements indicate a positive reception of influencers’ involvement in CSR activities:

“I don’t mind advertising campaigns during a pandemic, we want to live as normally as possible. Being isolated and always sitting at home doesn’t make you feel optimistic.”

“Since they do it every day, now they also have the right to do so. Of course, it would be better if they were socially responsible campaigns, not those that promote going shopping or anywhere. These can be social campaigns or incentives for online shopping.”

“… I’m all for it. Such campaigns are a welcome distraction, a change of subject, a “change” from the ubiquitous virus theme.

“… promoting small businesses from which you can order online, promoting classes/equipment that make your stay at home more enjoyable, promoting books, audiobooks, and movie platforms.”

“Influencers should take part in social and environmental campaigns, because they can advertise something essential (…) people are inspired by influencers, especially those young (…)”

Source: The Street qualitative study, conducted online from March 29 to April 3, 52 people took part in the discussion.