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Interior arrangement can be quite a challenge. If we don’t have a designer to help, if we want to do something that will be more “our” than standard and average, we have a lot of decisions to make. One of them may be the color of the interior. Even white walls can be a challenge (there are so many shades of white) let alone colorful? BEHR, an American paint manufacturer, suggested choosing the right color based on … songs. You can enter your favorite song into the search engine and the corresponding color from the company’s palette will be shown. BEHR is working with Spotify on this project, but you don’t need to connect your account to take advantage of the inspiration. Katy Perry is the face of the activity. Pretty nice design and fun. After all, why our favorite music could not be an inspiration for the colors of the interior of our apartment or house? 🙂 CLICK


There is more and more talk about the big changes taking place in social media. It is not about new functionalities introduced by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or other services, but about a general change in people’s approach to these platforms. If we look at Facebook’s quarterly results, we see an increase in the number of users from quarter to quarter. However, if we look at where these increases are generated, it can be seen that the number of users in Europe and North America has not been increasing for several quarters. Why is this happening? Because, especially young people, they are fed up with quarrels, hate speech, fake news, toxic content as well as incomprehensible collection and use of data. The author of the Harvard Business Review article mentions 3 areas in which communities are currently developing: private messaging, micro-communities, and shared experiences. It is worth starting to understand these changes in order to also notice the activities that arise within them. CLICK

One platform that is growing in user numbers and growing in importance is Discord. Initially associated and used mainly by players, for some time people have been interested in a lot of other topics. It gives users the opportunity to communicate with people with similar hobbies or passions, listening to the same radio broadcasts, watching the same series or movies, having the same breed of dog. There are plenty of topics. Discord, however, is rather little used in our advertising world so far, so the knowledge of how to manage a presence there is rather small. The website will prepare an extensive knowledge base on how to create and moderate communities. The content is written in a very accessible way. Those of us who want to be up to date with new communities and want to recommend and create them for their brands should check them out. CLICK

Another platform that expands its area of operation is Twitch. Initially also associated mainly with games and players, now it is entering the world of music. Warner Music has just signed an agreement with them that will enable the label’s artists to create their channels, organize events and build other engaging experiences for users. It will also be a new source of revenue for the label, the differentiation of which is quite interesting. CLICK

And let’s leave the community world for now, let’s move to the ecommerce world. Two comprehensive reports from eMarketer – on the state of global online sales CLICK (expenses, fastest growing regions, users) and on the areas of customer experience CLICK that sellers must take care of to develop their business (data collection, personalization, virtual try-on, returns, payment facilitation). As always, a lot of data and information for inspiration.