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“Audio is (not) the new video?” – are we dealing with a revolution?

The pandemic and lockdown have revolutionized media consumption in recent months, a different lifestyle and daily routine on part of the audience became an unexpected leap forward for some forms, others had to fight hard for attention and participation while listening and watching. Podcasts were in the first group, their popularity has grown rapidly, which is more proof that we are seeing many more opportunities to listen to them than just while commuting to work – we listen at home, while doing everyday activities, when we want to be informed or entertained. Video is more greedy, it wants our sole attention, eyes and ears. We can’t, however, stretch out the day. Video forms are finding it increasingly more difficult to fight for our time budget for entertainment. Audio can win the battle for those moments during the day when video has no chance – but does it have a chance to win evening entertainment? Just like the family used to gather around the radio – can a similar future be in the making for audio@demand platforms?
In the latest Strategic Conversations podcast we also talk about the perception of audio and video – which of these forms is preferred by the human brain and how does it “consume” them? What do we remember better and why? For years, radio has been referred to as a “background medium”, this phrase is slightly pejorative – it can be interpreted in such a way that it is consumed a lot, but often in passing, inattentively, without remembering the content. However, we will talk about an interesting study that sheds a completely different light on this “listening in the background”.

So what should a marketer do if they want to adapt their brand’s plans and actions to the dynamically changing landscape of trends? Should they, with limited resources, focus on audio or video forms? Although there is no clear answer to these questions, recipe for success always and under any circumstances – we are talking about a few tips that can help you make the best possible decision.
Apart from this, in this episode we argue about whether or not podcasts for farmers are right or wrong, whether there are categories that audio can’t and will never access, whether a podcast can help you get out of the house with your children efficiently, and finally, whether there are songs about media consumption, apart from “Video Killed the Radio Star” [the Bugles]? We would like, just as Okuniewska, to sometimes quote a pop culture text, but everyone seems to sing about love gone wrong. Or perhaps we are wrong?

We invite you to listen to the second episode of the Strategic Talks, to comment, suggest songs about the media as well as topics. -> click