A helping hand for the HoReCa industry – how do companies support their partners?

After a period of several months of lockdown, the HoReCa industry is trying to regain its lost strength. Not only do they support consumers who visit their favourite restaurants – they also support large companies connected with the HoReCa industry. What initiatives have recently taken place?

Coca-Cola from us!

In August the next phase of activities supporting the catering industry by Coca-Cola took place. As part of the “Coca-Cola from us” campaign, a million bottles of the beverage were waiting for restaurant guests throughout Poland. The initiative was aimed at encouraging consumers to visit their favourite restaurants. At the same time, there was also a dedicated banner campaign (supported in the brand’s channels), as part of which Coca-Cola created a package of digital creations for individual cafes and restaurants.

Heinz checks out where to eat

The Heinz travelled through Poland in search of, in their opinion, the best catering outlets. The entire event took place under the name “Raid on gastro”. As part of the campaign, which took place in August, 10 restaurants in 9 cities were visited, and the effects were published on Heinz’s Facebook page.
The company also supports restaurateurs with its Heinz Club 57 loyalty program. Through a special platform you can receive discounts on the brand’s products. Additionally, advice from specialists in such fields as law or marketing is also available. Competitions where you can win prizes such as Google search engine positioning or a monthly OOH advertisement have also been prepared.

The beer industry supports its partners

Grupa Żywiec has recently released its financial results. Support for the catering industry, suppliers and local communities amounted to almost PLN 6 million. In addition, the company undertook to collect beer from restaurants and pubs unsold during the lockdown, incurring costs that amounted to nearly PLN 4 million.
Kompania Piwowarska recently launched activities supporting pub owners in Silesia. The Tyskie brand’s activities included making billboards available to thousands of pubs and support on the brand’s social media.