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What tempts viewers and advertisers with the fall line-up of the main TV stations?

The fall line-ups, especially of the main stations, are facing a big challenge to make up for the low performance of the station’s audience from the summer period. Each of the broadcasters is looking for its own way in the fall and the fight to attract viewers promises to be very interesting, also in the context of stations aspiring to expand the definition of the TOP4 stations such as TVN7, TV4 or TVN24.

Each of the stations has prepared at least one new program item, with which it decided to attract new viewers. In the case of TVP2, the series “Uzdrowisko” [Health Resort], referring to “Sanatorium Miłości” The Sanatorium of Love], promises to be very interesting in terms of communication with an older consumer. TVN will fight to keep a big city audience topped with “Królestwo Kobiet” [The Kingdom of Women] and Polsat positively surprised with a new series “Bad Boy” referring to the cinema film.

In my opinion, the most interesting program in TVP’s line-up in terms of advertising potential in the fall season is based on a proven war-time TV station, the series “Ludzie i Bogowie” [People and Gods]. The line-up includes, of course, commercially proven hits, such as the “Voice of Poland” or Ekstraklasa [Premiere League football], which will now be broadcast every week on the station. Broadcasts during the first matches of the Ekstraklasa showed how it increases the potential of communication with the male viewer.
For the fall, Polsat has prepared as many as three mini-series that stand out in terms of advertising potential – the previously mentioned “Bad Boy, Mayday” and “Bez skrupułów” [No Scruples], which perfectly complement the station’s proven entertainment positions.
TVN approached the fall schedule in a very thoughtful way and transferred the premiere episodes of „Brzydula” [Polish version of Ugly Betty] to TVN7, in order to conquer the station’s audience and bring it closer to the TOP4 level.

We will expect a positive impact on the station’s audience of this action with great anticipation. The program “Totalne remonty Doroty Szelągowskiej” [Major Renovations by Dorota Szelągowska] also deserves special attention. It is very on point in terms of the current needs of Poles, caused by the lockdown and the need for renovations, which translates into significant commercial potential. The situation on the television market in Q4 will be demanding due to the excess of demand over supply, i.e. surplus of advertising budgets over the available station inventory. Probably, as now, we will also observe advertising clutter and, consequently, full sales of advertising breaks. With the whole situation, we will also have to deal with decreasing coverage in TV campaigns in the vast majority of target groups. The changes on the TV market, especially in the period from September, should most certainly be taken into account when creating the strategy for 2021.