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Women and the pandemic. Marketing notices recent weeks’ silent heroes, i.e. women, and especially working mothers

Remote work caused by a coronavirus pandemic has intensified the effort parents have to make when combining household and business responsibilities. This significantly affected women. 49% of women must reconcile these roles versus 35% of men.

As many as half of mothers declare severe difficulties with the simultaneous work and care of children, which was in the third place in the classification of the most problematic activities – after cleaning at home and shopping.

The challenge they have to deal with during this difficult period is compounded by the fact that every third mother cannot count on help from her grandparents or partner.
However, still, 70% of them can achieve the desired efficiency thanks to self-discipline during work, but 40% still feel stress due to the possible worsening of financial conditions or even dismissal.

The Douglas brand has noticed the problem. The Mother’s Day 2020: Mothers-Heroes campaign running in Poland from May 21 to 28, aims to emphasize mothers’ dedication and thanks them for their daily struggles. The spot shows professional commitment during the pandemic, while also referring to the irreplaceable role at home. Being loved, appreciated, but also relaxed is especially vital to mothers now, which is confirmed by the Human Insight Trends study.

Shoppers Stop, an Indian department store chain, has also included recognition of mothers’ heroism in its communication. The campaign labelled #LockdownQueens refers to daily lessons of perseverance and courage that allow children to survive the quarantine period. Brand encourages sharing the experience learned from mums in the comments.
The effects of the pandemic have infiltrated society and hit people in various social roles. The answer to the hardships that mothers must now face is not just a sign of appreciating their sacrifice. The focus is primarily on medical services and entrepreneurs; however, it should also be seen as an opportunity to support less obvious groups affected by the crisis.

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