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Chatbots. They suggest what to cook, hear you out, advise you – chatbots help us in “new normality”

As we have written many times, the pandemic has proved to be a catalyst for many industries, solutions and technologies. It also gave a second life to many, finally making sense of some long-existing solutions, which provide real value. Today we will look at chatbots that have been with us for years, but which in the current situation are gaining popularity. Obviously, as an alternative to direct contact with, e.g. a bank advisor, but as you can see, they find many other roles:

Masterfoods helps those who don’t know what to prepare from the ingredients left in the fridge. Chatbot helps you find the right recipes – type what we have in the refrigerator, and the rest belongs to AI. You have to cook (yet) unfortunately yourself.

Wysa is the sweetest therapist in the world. This little penguin can help us take care of our mental health. He listens patiently, does not judge; he tries to find a solution. Like all therapists, Wysa takes the initiative, which can be useful to those who have a problem in starting to talk. And all this thanks to chatbots, within reach of each of us. Sit back and start your session!

Woebot is Wysa’s “colleague”, but he says about himself that he can become your best friend. Either way, it’s a chatbot that you can talk to. And because hundreds of thousands of people do it every day, algorithms learn quickly, making conversations gain quality and value day by day.

SUVE is an Estonian chatbot set up to provide up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation. The idea is seemingly obvious, but it makes life easier for all those who get lost during senior hours and other regulations. Tubli töö!