“There is only one king”, or how Allegro is managing in the new pandemic normality

Amazon will probably enter Poland soon. Facebook Shops will open soon after. However, the rudder, sailor, ship, and even the sea of Polish e-commerce is the one and only Allegro. Since the middle of the year has recently passed, this is a good opportunity to summarize the sales trends on the website, through which almost every second zloty spent on online shopping passes.  Let’s start with the most important thing, i.e. sales in value and quantity per month.  The best month was April (3,468 billion in turnover and almost 90 million transactions).  May and June noted a decline, but even this last month recorded a better result than the peak of pre-Christmas shopping, i.e. December 2019 by 14% and 28% respectively.  Overall, 1H 2020 Allegro closed with a 54% increase in turnover (sic!)

Which categories contributed particularly strongly to this record result? Well, firstly, all te main categories available on the platform grew.  The smallest one was photography, because only by 4.2%.  Phones and accessories (+12.7%) and jewellery and watches (+17.9%) have ended slightly better, even though they  are still below the line. Even such an “extravagant” category as DJ and stage equipment has grown by as much as ¼, despite the fact that the entire event industry was frozen.  In turn, the best performance (excluding niche categories) was in the supermarket category (+113.6%), health (+111.9%), industry (+84.4%), books and comics (+75%) and home and garden (+73.1%).