The world of gaming: Another record – Sony’s reveal event watched by millions

Players have been waiting for weeks for Sony to finally reveal the new console and a set of dedicated games. Fans’ wishes were fulfilled on June 11. The event was obviously adapted to the situation in the world. Instead of a great show with lasers, explosions and a vividly responsive audience, everything took place online so that anyone could join the reveal. The result exceeded all the expectations, approaching the record for live broadcast on YouTube.

Over 7.3 million people watched the show on this platform. The average audience of the three hours event was over 4.7 million people. In total, the material generated over 28 million views and lived to 1.1 million “likes” with 85,000 „dislikes”. Is that a lot? Yes, it’s the first such record for the gaming sector. Yet, the overall record of viewership was not obtained. However, we must realize what we are comparing. In 2012, Felix Baumgartner “jumped” from space,  up to 8 million people on YouTube watched at the same time.  A massive advertising campaign preceded the whole “jump”, and it became a “culturally significant” event. And let’s be honest, the Stratos project was, however, “slightly” more interesting than the presentation of the new console.

In all this, however, there is one additional “but”. Sony’s livestream also took place on other platforms.on Twitch it gathered an average of 2.8 million followers, on Mixer a modest 14,000, and  Facebook only … 6,000 people. What’s more, millions of fans watched influencers’ livestream of reveal event. If we sum up these results, it turns out that the gaming sector breaks all records with lightness and grace worthy of a true leader of the electronic entertainment industry.