Pandemic promotional offers Sweets, drinks, beer, dairy and sauces – heroes of promotion newspapers during a pandemic

The Hiper Com Poland analytical and research agency shared an interesting report in which it shows which categories were particularly supported by retail chains through promotion. As it turns out, sweets and salty snacks came first. In the period from 1 February to 30 April inclusive, such products appeared in offers nearly 21,000 times. This should not be a surprise. These are categories that many of us may have “missed” in the race to buy pasta, rice and toilet paper. Some of us could have knowingly removed them from shopping lists,  for fear of, for example, losing financial liquidity.  Therefore, the  robust promotion was supposed to boost the sales, even at the cost of a reduced margin:

The second place belongs to the beverage category – but its result was “just” 12,000 offers. The retail chains were afraid that in the shopping spree customers would “forget” about the Cola’s six-pack or two. Especially that these weigh some and occupy, precious space in a shopping cart.

The third category is alcohols, including beers (over 11,000 offers). Here, it seems that intense “promotion” was not necessary and had the character of strengthening natural demand. Especially that at the beginning of the lockdown, it seemed to us that alcohol consumption should go up (and regular readers of our Newsletter know that this, however, did not happen).

Dairy product came fourth (over 7,000 offers). This time, the reason may have been different from the previous categories. It was primarily about the concern related to the durability of the products, that is, products without promotional support will fall on the shelf and break.

Spices, sauces and culinary additions finished at the 5th place. So everything that seemed necessary for us to survive the period of confinement in four walls with a full stomach. Probably many customers tempted by 7,000 shares of these products still have a large stock, which should be enough for the next weeks, maybe even months.