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Social Media. TikTok used as an effective channel to reach young people with a message about COVID-19

Health care professionals educate children on TikTok

Doctors, paramedics and other health care professionals around the world are using the power of social media to spread education on COVID-19. The target audience is young social media users. Therefore, they focus on the TikTok, which the youngest audience is eager to use every day. Specialists, in short intervals between exhausting duties, turn on the application and in a friendly manner, encourage young people to stay at home, educate about ways to stop the spread of the virus, or share the hardships of everyday work with patients. This is their way of providing valuable information on pandemic to those who often do not know where to look for reliable materials and sources.

Thanks to these activities, TikTok is full of videos showing how to wash your hands properly, remove gloves safely, and what distance keep from others:

The Wuhan nurse, Miki Rai, regularly publishes videos, each viewed by a dozen or even several hundred thousand people (klik).

Over the past month alone, the number of Leslie followers, a Minnesota physician, has increased by over 18,000. (currently, the account has over 540,000 followers), and all thanks to her educational videos on COVID-19* (klik)


TikTok quickly noticed the educational potential of the application and together with WHO created a dedicated page with the essential information about COVID-19.

It was also a way to fight fake news spreading on the platform.
The ongoing pandemic is making doctors, scientists and other specialists more eager to use TikTok to provide reliable information from the world of medicine. For marketing, this means that this platform is worth examining even more closely now than before. In these challenging times, it shows its potential in reaching the younger audience. At the same time, it proves that a “not-so-serious” profile is not an obstacle to providing valuable information.