Marketing & Communications

Pandemic, like any extreme situation, promotes creativity. Here are some examples

The global epidemic is visible in the brand communication. In addition to e-commerce adapting the offer to the new reality (cosmetics for home SPA, clothes you need while working remotely from H&M, equipment facilitating remote work from RTV EURO AGD), brands are trying to reflect the current situation via their visual communication. Logos are changing, themed posts and even Tinder profiles. Brands call for maintaining social distance and stress the need to stay at home.

Actions are also taken to express understanding and solidarity with consumers. Brands thank those who, due to the specifics of their work or life situation, cannot work remotely, but also express their gratitude to those who are socially responsible.

Noteworthy is the latest T-mobile spot, as the first spot that was created entirely remotely – from materials sent by the families appearing in it. The brand presents the reality of remote work with children at home and shows an understanding of the young working parents’ challenges.