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This year’s CES without leaving home

Imagine that you are sitting down at the table with your family on a Saturday morning. You talk about what happened in the past week, about your successes at work, your kids talk about school activities. As you talk, bread, butter, coffee and orange juice appear on the table. In this idyllic picture, one significant detail catches your eye. None of your family members is preparing the Saturday breakfast. A robot is moving between the kitchen and the dining room, delivering the necessary items and food to the table.

Such a device was unveiled by one of the technological manufacturers at the concluded CES 2021. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held virtually in full.

CES is a consumer electronics conference and trade show that provides the largest manufacturers in the technology industry, as well as those who are just taking their first steps in it, with an excellent platform to present not only the products that will be on store shelves in the coming months, but also the concepts and prototypes that have a chance to revolutionize the somewhat distant future, and thus spark the imagination of viewers.

The robot that prepares Saturday breakfast, which to those who remember the cartoon “The Jetsons” resembles Rosie, is Samsung’s proposal. Handy Bot is equipped with artificial intelligence that recognizes the weight of objects and the material they are made of.

pic. Samsung

It is a home assistant that not only sets the table, but also puts dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and clothes that scattered around the apartment will thankfully go into the laundry basket. The robot is also equipped with a screen on which shape-changing eyes are displayed. Another proposal of the same manufacturer is Bot Care, whose task is to take care of the owner. Not only will it remind of upcoming events, but also of the need to get up from the desk when working too long at the computer.

pic. Samsung

Dog lovers will be delighted with the Petpuls electronic collar, which is equipped with microphones and technology that, thanks to artificial intelligence, is supposed to analyze your pet’s barking and translate it into five different emotional states (joy, anxiety, sadness, anger and relaxation) based on a database consisting of 10,000 sounds made by dogs of 50 breeds at different ages. The collar can also be used as an activity monitor for your pet, and when connected to a smartphone app it will show the number of calories your pet has burned per hour, day, week or month.

pic. Petpuls

A number of solutions to improve safety and products aimed at taking care of health, an obvious consequence of the pandemic and the trends associated with it were also on show at this year’s CES. The Airthings Wave Plus electronic sensor, which, based on temperature, detects humidity and CO2 emissions exhaled by people in a room, conditions that are conducive to a faster spread of the virus was also presented. This solution can be used in offices. Another very simple idea is the contactless doorbell by, which, using a camera, requires the guest to stand on a specially constructed shoe mat placed at a suitable distance to notify the host of their arrival.


In tech media, the biggest buzz has been about Razor’s Project Hazel, a mask that is steeped in technology but still ensures safety with its interchangeable N95 filters.

pic. Razor / Project Hazel

Its advantages, in addition to those already mentioned, are: prepared from transparent material front allowing to see the face of the interlocutor, voiceamp technology that increases the volume of speech and LED backlighting. The set also includes a charger in the form of a box that also serves as a UV sterilizer.

Computer gamers will be delighted with Razor’s other proposal, namely a gaming stand, which, like their mask, still remains in the concept phase for now.

pic. Razor / Project Brooklyn

Project Brooklyn is a gaming chair from which, at the press of the right button, a 60-inch OLED screen slides out. Haptic sensors are built into the armchair itself to give even better gaming experience.

At every CES everyone looks with interest at the ideas and projects presented by the transport industry, which are increasingly difficult to call cars, because they are far from the vehicles on four wheels that we see on Polish streets.

Just take a look at the proposal of General Motors, which intends to enter the race in the business of eVTOL air cabs and showed its project – battery-powered aircraft – Cadillac eVTOL – during CES.

pic.General Motors

The products and solutions presented at this year’s CES prove that manufacturers are closely following trends and striving to meet the expectations of potential buyers in innovative ways.

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