Pandemic as a catalyst for creativity part 1. New faces of creativity “triggered” by a pandemic

Turbulent times require rapid adaptation to new conditions. And this, in turn, opens up a wide field for creativity and innovation. You can find the opinion that the current situation is analogous to the wartime. It was then that companies, governments and scientists carried out many groundbreaking projects that had a fundamental impact on consumption in later times. Among others, it resulted in the satellites, moon landing … or instant coffee. Today, when we are still at the beginning of the new reality, it is difficult to judge to what extent the efforts of scientists, furniture manufacturers, software companies, artificial intelligence specialists and others will lead us to a flood of epoch-making discoveries. However, it is worth taking a look at the different faces of creativity, which can be a source of quite interesting conclusions for marketers. Today let’s learn more about grassroots creativity:

What makes our times stand out is the democratization of sophisticated devices that were previously only available to the rich. The ideal example is the prevalence of 3D printers, which allows a regular consumer to make a prototype of a product he developed.And based on this observation, California Crowd company announced a monthly competition for the design of devices addressing COVID-19 challenges. Sixty-five projects were submitted, such as disinfection spray on the wrist, special gloves that help to press buttons in public spaces, etc.
European Union is also conducting a similar project, but on a much larger scale. EIC Accelerator, with stake-money of EUR 164 million, supports start-ups that are working on various anti-virus solutions.

For brands that adhere to innovation and missionary activity, this sphere is an opportunity to activate “home-grown inventors” as part of their marketing activities. But more importantly – building a reputation in the eyes of the mass audience.

The creators of the wrist band device, which signals every time we bring hands to our faces.