New categories. Face masks, or how is the business, made indispensable by pandemic, doing?

An essential fashion accessory of 2020 outfit is undoubtedly the face mask. It is true that to meet the sanitary requirements; it is enough to cover the mouth and nose with anything, even a handkerchief or … origami from a paper towel click, but for more demanding or less talented, a whole new mask industry was created, which is doing great:

On Allegro alone, the value of sales in this new category has been over PLN 123 million since March 1. This means close to 8 million pieces, but this is a very imprecise estimation, because it does not include offers containing more than one piece. The good news is that the average transaction price, after the madness in mid-March, is systematically falling, and currently is around PLN 15.

The biggest challenge for the industry is, of course, logistics and “processing capacity”, but also … a total lack of individualism, which will soon become a problem. In the end, everything indicates that we will stay with the masks for longer. They will not only play a protective role, but also complement our style, manifesting personality, preferences, passions and hobbies. The problem is that currently there are practically no such products. However, there is also no doubt that this gap in the market will be swiftly addressed, giving the masks a “second breath” after the first, surge in popularity.