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Does the increased media consumption caused by lockdown have a chance to stay with us for longer?

In recent weeks we have seen impressive increases in popularity of virtually all media. Increased resources of free time were “invested” massively in watching TV, video content on the Internet, listening to music or playing games. With restrictions loosened, and more people returning to the everyday life, what will prevail? Let’s dive into observations and forecasts:

Television – its audience should begin to decline, mainly during the day, but overall, it will continue to record results much better than in previous years. Already during earlier periods of economic slowdown, it turned out that TV as “cheap entertainment” is always doing very well. It will be no different this year, especially since the number of alternatives is limited.

Online Video – will continue to grow. Mainly due to the popularity of streaming services, for which it is a unique opportunity to fill the gap after the freezing of the cinema industry. More movie premieres available at your living room is a luxury that it will be difficult to give up.

Video games – this is the only category of the entertainment industry that has a chance to become a clear winner. There are many new premieres ahead of us, including the new generation of consoles. The only problem could be a drop in supply due to closed factories and supply chain interruptions.

Radio – the popularity of individual transport will gain in importance. Which, unfortunately, can affect the number of traffic jams, and therefore also the time to travel to/from work and … the time we spend listening to this medium. Thus, the radio should not only maintain its current results, but also improve them.

Source: GWI