Music and Podcast. Audio@demand in the service of „work-kids balance”

Many of us must remain at home in connection with the epidemic.

On the one hand, we see more and more materials about the need to maintain a classic workday rhythm. On the other hand, closing daycare centres, kindergartens and schools means that for some people maintaining work-home balance in new conditions can be a challenge. After all, in addition to carrying out their daily professional duties, they must ensure safety, learning requirements and entertainment for their children, with whom they spend much more time now.

How do parents deal with the new situation? Some of them began to reach for new content available on audio-streaming websites. Among the changes in listeners’ behaviour, the most significant player on this market – Spotify, noted an increase in the number of plays of content for children. Lulling melodies of lullabies are the most popular (for obvious reasons). Still, statistics show that time during the day is also filled with music – Frozen 2, High School Musical, Disney Sing-Alongs are playlists that have also increased their range. Music is not everything; however – audio streaming services also offer many podcasts for the youngest – content that stimulates the imagination and encourages individual thinking.

What does this mean for marketers? In the age of coronavirus, parents need additional support that will help them find their place in the new situation. All solutions and content that will help reconcile the role of a parent with that of professional will address real needs and can build or deepen existing relationships with the brand.