Humor in campaigns of agencies belonging to Publicis Groupe

Get funky with an extra face from Funky Buddha, find “the one” with Ladbrokes, and watch Ice-T and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin make some hilarious cold calls for Tide. This is another batch of amazing campaigns created by Publicis Groupe member agencies that will make you smile.

Dacia, The Electric Revolution (Publicis Conseil Paris)

Because you can be essential and still be fun, Dacia’s campaign is vibrant in color yet true to the brand’s philosophy of offering accessible cars to everyone with all the essentials included.

Funky Buddha, Funky The Ordinary (The Community Miami)

After just one sip of Funky Buddha’s new hard seltzer, you start to see the world for the wonderfully funky place it is. And obviously, you also a grow a funky little face where your mouth used to be.

Ladbrokes, When You Know, You Know (BBH London)

Ladbrokes’ new campaign celebrates how customers choose their horses for the races, similar to how people might choose their real-life, human partners: when you know, you know.

Tide, Cold Calls (Saatchi & Saatchi New York)

Tide’s new Cold Caller campaign leverages two of the “coldest” icons in pop culture to convince people to switch to cold water washing with Tide, because it saves energy, money, and helps the environment. Vanilla IceMr. TAnnie MurphyMark Messier

Heineken, Perfect Match (Publicis Dublin)

Three couples are pitted against each other as their different rugby teams face off. As tensions rise, they press pause on love while their teams battle it out. The only thing they can agree on is the deliciousness of a cold Heineken.

Robin Hood, All Purpose Packaging (Leo Burnett Toronto)

After a massive increase in demand for flour, Robin Hood navigated a shortage of packaging by temporarily re-branding with a simple brown paper bag, allowing them to keep supplies moving at a difficult time.