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How have expectations regarding the content published by influencers changed?

Influencer-observer-brand relationships have always been about mutual matching.   We follow certain people because we want to, like to, they arouse emotions in us. The creator, trying to keep his fans’ attention, publishes the desired content without losing his nature and authenticity.  Creators and brands working with them must follow the changing needs of the audience. At present, we can see changes concerning both the subject, as well as the form of its communication.

Before the pandemic, the most engaging were the contents related to food, fashion and beauty – broadly defined lifestyle.  Attention has presently been paid to current topics (news) and those related to mental health. For many people, influencers became an inspiration for positive thinking.  Some brands have forgotten about it a bit, which by giving up their presence in social media contributed to building the impression of the lack of ‘normality’. In Poland, current topics were strongly dominated by the elections.  Influencers such as Maffashion or AjgorIgnacy often expressed their views and commented on current events, regardless of comments.  Summer caused the appearance of lighter topics that we miss – travel and music. The culinary category emerged with a defensive hand, supported by a growing interest in the subject of a healthy lifestyle. Beauty now accompanies the topics of hygiene, and fashion has fallen slightly into the background.  

As far as the desired type of content is concerned, on the one hand, it can be seen that the observers expect support and more ‘how-to’ content, which will allow them to find themselves better in these difficult times.  On the other hand, they need a diversion, which they find in light, humorous content.   Maybe that’s why Łukasz Jakóbiak finished the “20m2” program and took up training such as “Peace and Quiet”, and the Dowbór family successfully took their live Domówka TV show on vacation.

Let’s expect many revolutions in our favourite influencers. It is worth following what content is becoming desirable and consider whether our brand can bring something valuable to the new discussion.

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