MarTech minimizes business uncertainty

The business uncertainty caused by this year’s crisis may be crucial for the even faster development of the marketing technology industry than before. The market, which before the pandemic grew by 25 percent compared to 2018 (MarTech Landscape 2019), may accelerate. Admittedly, in the latest edition of the Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2020 marketing technologies were ranked seventh among the most important current marketing competences, which means a decrease by one position compared to 2019, but in the face of the crisis, brand strategy has become the leader, which is very good news for the marketing technology industry, because the two areas are closely related.

In the Publicis Groupe we observe an intensive increase in the share of expenditures on MarTech solutions within the overall budgets of our clients. During the crisis caused by the pandemic, solutions supporting responsible business decisions, whether on the basis of a database or by optimizing activities and processes, are more important than ever. The current situation stimulates the need for digital business transformation and the use of data in the organization. This is a very complicated process, because it covers an entire spectrum of areas: from analytics, sales, used infrastructure or internal processes of the organization. At present, projects of this type must be carried out quickly and efficiently (business success often depends on them) – that is why it is so important to start thinking about such a process as soon as possible and take the first steps. This will lead to an even more intensive search for solutions that automate and optimize the process, as well as an innovative approach to data use.

**The greatest attention in the context of marketing technologies should now be paid to such aspects and areas as: **
• The ability to analyze which data is useless for our business if we want a uniform image of consumers
• Micro-moments marketing
• Conversational marketing
• Voice and image solutions
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Today, it is particularly important to have a company as a MarTech partner that is flexible in cooperation, quickly adapting to our needs, focused on broadening consumer knowledge based on business-relevant data and able to use this knowledge effectively in practice. The proper recognition of data resources and the possibilities of their use, knowledge of process automation thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning for the needs of analyses and conducting dialogue with consumers in a personalized way as well as the optimization of sales processes are undoubtedly the key criteria for choosing the right partner. It is thanks to cooperation with this type of organization that the application of marketing technologies in our business will make coming out of the crisis easier.