Five segments of attitudes towards a pandemic and their impact on consumer choices

Accenture has published a quantitative research report in which it identifies five types of attitudes caused by a pandemic. They are worth knowing – they affect the modification of consumer behaviour in various fields.

The oldest (55+), the most terrified of the pandemic segment, fearing for their health and future, focused on minimizing risk. Consumer behaviours affected the most and news are ignored.

The youngest segment (18-24), just slightly concerned, and more frustrated by the excessive reactions of society and governments, lives in his/her own world.

The largest segment, approaches the issue rationally and calmly, cares about hygiene and social distance and waits for what will happen next. 4/5 keeps up to date.

Active in social media, supporting, encouraging to obey restrictions. They help others – almost 2/3 shop for those in need.

Older segment (40-55), frustrated by the excessive reaction of the authorities. This group doesn’t care about the epidemic and tries to live as before. The least stressed, and they will change consumer behaviour the least.