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What to do when the benefit of your product is refreshment, in your advertisements you show a bottle of beer cooled down, but sellers in stores often do not have refrigerators turned on? The beer producer of Castle Lite brand had to face this challenge. The solution resulted in a creative and innovative use of data. Refrigerators in stores were equipped with special cold trackers. Data on temperature in a given location was collected and displayed in Castle Light ads. They informed in which shop you can find chilled beer. In the digital part of the campaign, information was provided live thanks to data from trackers. Results? 26% higher volume of beer sold.


Facebook has blocked Australian media and users from sharing links to news. This is a response to the announcement of the introduction of fees that platforms would pay to the media. It’s happening in Australia, or for many of us on the other side of the world, but this “experiment” is worth watching, the rest of the world may have a lot of lessons from it. Will the media feel the consequences of the blockade introduced by Facebook? Will FB see any decline in engagement? How will users rate it? These are just a few of the possible questions. The observations and answers to them will be interesting because they can have a significant impact on the decisions of subsequent governments regarding, for example, various types of fees or digital taxes.

As I write this newsletter, the countdown to the Perseverance landing on Mars is in progress. Some of you may be watching the information about this event, some of you may be watching the report. And would you like to get to know Mars better, walk around it, see rovers up close? Check out the Mission to Mars AR app for iOS or Android. The amazing AR experience, which you can preview here:

The future without cookies is getting closer. We do not know what it will look like yet, but we know that we need to start preparing for it. What should we do? Below are some tips from The Drum.

IKEA is a company that everyone associates with easy-to-assemble furniture, a large selection of fragrant candles and building a sensational experience for consumers. The stores are designed so that all products can be touched, tested and easy to find, the products are pleasant and universal, and advertising campaigns often evoke a lot of positive emotions. IKEA also introduces a lot of new services, such as furniture rental, partnerships with other brands, such as cooperation with ASUS and creating a line of furniture and accessories for gamers. Where do these ideas come from at IKEA? A team of skilled and creative designers, analysts and other specialists draw a lot of inspiration from the data that the company collects about and from its customers.

Have you heard of Clubhouse? This is an application that has been talked about a bit for several months. For now, it is only available by invitation and only to iPhone users. Why is there a lot of discussion about Clubhouse? It is an application where we can listen to other people’s discussions. Some people refer to this as live podcasts. I associate it with a huge conference with lots of panels and discussions on many topics (I think every possible one) that you can join and listen to. Several well-known investors have invested in it and there are voices that it may be a new interesting area in the development of digital media and social media. After years of increasing video availability everywhere, after a year of intensive use of video calls on Teams, Zoom, Messenger and other messengers, will users love audio only services? Twitter is also working on a similar solution, available only in the beta phase, Spaces. Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly impressed with Clubhouse and how it is gaining popularity, and recommended creating a similar solution on Facebook.