Data & Technology

Data Science & AI in healthcare. Data, analyzes, algorithms, or “silent revolution” that is happening right before our eyes

In times of pandemics under the flood of news (including fake ones), breakthroughs are happening that affect our future. Especially, referring to artificial intelligence and computer science used in the health sector:


In Canada, three hospitals use a machine-learning algorithm to predict the incidence of illness. The software uses three-year history-based data and also works continuously in the background. The variables take into account, among others number of patients, available beds, time of day and week. The algorithm gives the doctor and nurse in charge of the emergency department a warning about a sudden increase in the number of disease 2 hours in advance. Thanks to such notification, they gain time to bring additional doctors and effectively manage treatment.


Robots proved to be a great example of the use of artificial intelligence during a pandemic. The scope of robot activities includes the supply of medicine, food or even disinfection of rooms. This solution was used, e.g. in China. Also, a hospital in Seattle (USA) used the robot to communicate with a patient infected with a virus. These activities are a fantastic use of technology that easily facilitates communication with patients while ensuring the safety of doctors and medical staff.


Using proprietary solutions, Infermedica has created an online SARS-CoV-2 risk assessment test. The tool took the form of a short interview, and the system carried out a quick analysis of the response, and then instructed the user how to behave. Every day, Infermedica continuously develops the app, that allows for initial assessment of the patient’s symptoms and qualification for the appropriate disease group. Thank to this solution, The patient can conduct self-diagnosis and get to know what to do and what specialist to contact. Of course, the app does not eliminate the doctor at any stage.