Business. “Stronger together” – more brands are joining initiatives to bring help

Brands react differently to the global epidemic. Help in the fight against COVID-19 takes various forms, and more importantly, the barriers that generally prevent the cooperation among brands disappear.


WOŚP founded the Intervention Fund, which is joined by brands from various segments. For now, Coca-Cola and CD Projekt Red have already declared their support.

Microsoft and Amazon created together the COVID-19 Response Fund. So far, among others, Air Alaska and Starbucks Foundation donated 2.5 million dollars to the fund.

Source: SentiOne, Brand24


Kropla Beskidu, Żywiec Zdrój i Staropolanka expressed their willingness to cooperate in similar activities – supplying beverages to hospitals and medical facilities. The initiative started under brands’ posts on planned help.

In the USA, General Motors Co and Ford Motors Co are testing the possibility of producing medical equipment in their factories.


FreeNow provides free rides to work for doctors. Various brands joined the #TaxiDlaZdrowia campaign: Raiffeisen Bank, Warsaw Production, JDP, DZP, PEGA.

The president of Drutex initiated the “We are together. We help. action. The action is supported by LPP, 4F, Dr Irena Eris, MAGO, CCC, Tubądzin and Citronex.

PizzaHut and Pepsi #WzywamyPosilki – together, deliver meals to hospitals. Hortex, among others, joined the action.