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Advertising investment. What can we learn from the 2008/2009 slowdown, or how can a pandemic affect advertising budgets?

After the crisis initiated by the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, and whose impact on the economy was most potent in 2009 and which also affected European markets, advertising expenditure relatively quickly recovered.

In the following year, advertisers on the most prominent European markets, including Poland, were able to increase media investments, which is an indirect indicator of business growth.

Increases occurred mainly in the area of TV, which in most markets grew to a greater extent than other media, thereby increasing its share in the split.

This occurred in countries where the TV position was traditionally strong, such as Italy and Poland, and ones where was weaker as in Germany or the UK. The brands recognized TV impact, confirmed by many well-known studies, on short- and long-term building of their businesses also in and after periods of economic hardship.

Source: Advertising Expenditure Forecast, Publicis Groupe