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While Google recently announced a delay in blocking 3rd party cookies until 2023, many digital players have already begun to prepare for the new conditions. How to collect and analyze self-collected data? How to convince people to share such data with us? LifeStyles, an Australian condom brand, has found a pretty unusual way of doing this. They created the Publicly Traded & STI Index project, which analyzed searches (Google Trends) for information on sexually transmitted infections and adjusted condom prices to its level. The more interest in information about STI, the lower the price of the products. Consumers could observe the index level on an ongoing basis or they could leave their data, set a price level they were interested in and wait for a notification.

LifeStyles combined the use of up-to-date data from the search engine with the collection of data from consumers and, additionally, with ecommerce.

LifeStyles / Publicly Traded Case Study


Instagram wants to fight more for young users who put their sympathy and time in TikTok. The Reels feature launched some time ago is unlikely to gain the crowds of fans that were counted on. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, recently announced that changes are coming. The platform wants to focus more on video, creators, ecommerce and messaging. CLICK

Adam Mosseri 😷

A little reference to Adam Mosseri’s announcement – Instagram is testing new solutions in Stories and the possibility of linking them with NFTs (more information about Non-fungible tokens in one of the previous articles). CLICK

Our inboxes, like many other communication channels, tend to be overloaded with information. Nevertheless, email can be a useful way to build relationships and experiences. It is a channel that allows for a lot of flexibility, personalization and, above all, it is in our control, we can manage it ourselves. Below is an example of how Marriott used e-mails to communicate with its consumers during a pandemic, i.e. at a time when the use of tourist services was very difficult. From my own experience, I was very impressed with the announcements from one of the European airlines. From the e-mails signed by its president, I learned how the airline cares for its employees, how it is preparing for the opening moment so that it can provide services again in a safe way for everyone. It definitely built my trust in them. CLICK

Twitch is 10 years old. On this occasion, USA Today has prepared a summary of how the service has developed over time and shows creators from various categories who use the platform to establish relationships with their viewers. There are not only game players, but also an NFL footballer, drag queen, musician, comedian and WowGrandma78. CLICK

Pinterest is the place people come for inspiration to create life they love. It’s where everyone belongs—regardless of body shape or size. We’re empowering Pinners to plan for a summer and beyond without weight loss ads, so they can focus on what matters most. Beginning July 1st, 2021, we’re updating our ad policies to prohibit all ads with weight loss language and imagery. CLICK