Vault- New Tool to Optimize Brand Media Mix Investments and Estimate Campaign Business Results

Publicis Groupe is offering its clients access to a new tool called Vault, which predicts the business performance of media campaigns depending on the adopted media investment scenario.  The tool works on the basis of econometric models implemented for over ten years by the Data Sience department of the group.

Vault is a local and completely original tool which, on the basis of data coming from a database of several hundred econometric models and using machine learning algorithms, predicts relations between investments in various communication channels and sales in the form of efficiency curves and HalfLife parameters. Analyses can be prepared based on three main variables: a specific product category, brand position on the market (leader or challenger) and brand life stage (maturity vs growth). Vault allows you to estimate the short- and medium-term business results of a given campaign, and thus forecast the return on investment in a given channel and the entire campaign for clients.

Preparing strategic recommendations for clients with the use of Vault we estimate short-term sales growth from investments on the level of a single medium as well as the entire planned media-mix says Beata Szcześniak, General Manager of the Spark Foundry media agency, who co-created the tool together with Spark Foundry and Data Science experts.

In the case of a chosen medium we can tell the client what the optimal level and range of investments is, and in the case of TV also the level of the weekly eqGPR. As a result, the client can be sure that within the indicated range he maximizes the ROI for the brand and, what is important, he can check what short-term sales increase should be expected thanks to the invested funds.

Based on benchmarks for all media, Vault enables the analysis of scenarios for different media mixes and a comparison of channel effectiveness between channels. This allows the client to decide which medium to invest in for the most effective use of the budget, or which channel mix to choose if more than one is planned.

VAULT is a unique tool, thanks to which we talk to our clients about the best decisions regarding investments in media from the perspective of their business goals, and in turn, marketers can talk to their CEOs in the language of businesssays Anna Sakowicz, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Publicis Groupe Polska

Our media agencies together with our clients are responsible for the implementation of business objectives, so the tool is constantly developed and updated with new projects and case studies. We believe that, among others, thanks to such investments and tools, Publicis Groupe’s clients overwhelmingly identify our agencies as a key partner in marketing communications and rate us very highly in the area of strategy and the use of data, analyses and benchmarks for their creation, and, most importantly for us, in the implementation of their business objectives.