Poles’ leisure time. A Pole in the forest and park, or how Poles rest during the relaxing restriction period?

Thanks to data publicly shared by Google, we analyzed how Poles reacted to the opening of forests and whether the long May weekend encouraged visits to places such as parks, beaches and gardens.

We can see the increase in the number of people staying away from the day when the forests were “freed”, that is, from April 20. Earlier, we observed isolation and limited exit from the house. Notably, the% increases over the average are similar to those from before the pandemic and lockdown. On the one hand, this is a good omen that shows that we are slowly coming back to a new, but still normality. However, we need to remember that we are comparing May to the beginning of March. Do you remember what the weather was like at that time in Poland? That’s right. For this reason, the current “traffic” in green areas should be considered still relatively modest. It is worth noting, however, how big differences occur in individual voivodships. In some, the increases in “traffic” are enormous, while in others – they fell during this period even compared to the period of “total lockdown”. Perhaps this is the effect generated by tourists: