Pandemic proves that boredom triggers creativity

Just hearing the phrase “Mom, Dad I’m bored” can make a lot of us crazy. Parents try to organize children’s time so that they never hear this particular sentence or hear it as seldom as possible. As adults, we have a lot of items on our lists and (out of necessity or choice) we don’t let ourselves think that we could be bored (it’s a waste of time showing, that shows how unorganized we are). Meanwhile, boredom is necessary to refresh the mind and allow thoughts to follow unfrequented paths, for which usually there is simply no time.
Many articles have pointed out that doing nothing is a vital contribution to creativity. Perhaps it is only now that everyone can be convinced. Pandemic and sitting at home caused released creativity in many. People created a lot of (better and worse) memes, videos and remixes of others’ works. They show how people find different ways to have fun at home: finding humour during this weeks’ long Groundhog Day as a way to release tension and stress.

Here are some examples::

Source: Twitter