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Online meetings. Webinars: right way to communicate in the age of pandemics?

Some may get the impression that a wave of webinars flooded us; it is not surprising, nowadays we are dealing with an increasingly more robust digitization process and a lot of conferences or trainings that until took place in real life, now are transferred online.

Opportunities and trends

There are several applications helpful in creating the webinar: AdobeConnect, Zoom Webinars, Webex Events, GoToWebinar, ClickMeeting, Google Hangouts, Google Meet or XSplit which allows you to share live stream on social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitch. There are already such options as automatic webinars that start on autopilot. Of course, this can happen if the organizers have an adequately set schedule, but still, it is a significant simplification.Besides, according to Google Trends data, the interest in the phrase has increased significantly in recent months. Statistics for the whole world and Poland look similar. This popularity means that everyone is looking for a way to expand their knowledge, and webinars are becoming more popular.

B2B marketing

In this area, webinars have the greatest potential for implementation and work well as part of the inbound marketing strategy. In addition, they have a significant impact on increasing the brand’s credibility as an expert in any given field and are an effective tool for generating leads. According to the latest statistics, as many as 40% of US marketers said that instead of investing in live events, they relocate the budgets to webinars. This position was even ahead of Search and social media campaigns

Google Meet

Google is undoubtedly a precursor in conducting webinars. They have also recently released a new version of the Google Meet application that will eventually replace Google Hangouts. The app itself has been available on the market since 2017, but after many improvements that imposed pandemic needs, it entered in March 2020 with a new instalment. A maximum of max. two hundred fifty people, while the online event in the live version can gather up to 100 thousand. (!) viewers. Live captions are present thanks to the developed speech recognition technology. This option allows various groups of users to participate in the meeting, but for now, only English is available. From April this year, thanks to the AI, the app allows to reduce background noise, which is quite useful when other household members are loud while we are in the middle of a virtual meeting.