Inspirations from the World: “Throwback” to past Publicis Groupe campaigns

As Publicis Groupe we are proud of the work we did during the pandemic, but it is also worth going back to the times when we were able to work face to face for a dose of inspiration. Here are some interesting projects using modern technologies that have been created by agencies belonging to Publicis Groupe around the world.

Nike, Unlimited Stadium (BBH Singapore)

Shaped as a 100-meter sole print of the Nike Lunar Epic, a newly launched Nike running shoe, the Unlimited Stadium featured a running track lined with LED screens, where up to 30 runners at a time were invited to engage in a virtual race against avatars of themselves. click

Deutsche Telekom, Magenta Unleashed (Saatchi & Saatchi London)

Through a simple chroma-key AR app, everything magenta became an owned media channel through which we could take advantage of Gorillaz’ virtual status.  click

Samsung, Space Selfie (BBH London)

In 2019, the world reached peak selfie. So to celebrate Samsung’s 50th birthday, we sent a Galaxy S10 into space and invited the world to get their picture on it. click

JFK Library, Moonshot (Digitas Boston)

We created the first-ever full-scale augmented reality simulation of the Saturn V Rocket launch, taking users on the longest-running AR-powered livestream journey from the Earth to the Moon. click

Rio Tinto, Life Note (Marcel Sydney)

Unknown to most, Reverend John Flynn, founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, is actually featured on the Australian $20 note. To drive donations, we created a world’s first mobile experience that brought him back to life to personally ask people for their support. click

EE, World’s First 5G Powered AI Stylist (Publicis•Poke)

To help EE fans feel closer to the stars, we leveraged a new social phenomenon and innovative technologies to transform the world’s first CGI Supermodel into the world’s first 5G AI Stylist. click