Marketing & Communications

Influencer marketing during quarantine. Influencers quickly adapted to the new reality, decoding the needs of recipients, entering into new roles

They can adapt to changing conditions and respond to the needs of consumers. It is worth looking closely at their communication and thinking about how this can be conveyed into brand communication activities. People see, appreciate and actively react to changes in their narrative *:”… they are trying to add more content (…). I appreciate these activities, thanks to which I get less bored and know that other people experience what I’m going through. This encourages me, for example, to practice at home, to cook, to read. “; “… I would like to see something other than coronavirus, something light and funny.”; “It is now the main source of reliable information for me. (…) I currently use (among others): Science. I like it…”

Together we win

They say #stayathome, support local businesses, get involved in CSR activities.

  • A space for subtle branding, consider promoting your CSR activities.


Beauty & fit influencers will not let you sit in your pajamas 24/7.

  • Act now, get loyalty (categories: beauty, health, fitness).

What to do at home…

Children, remote work vs. boredom. Influencers advise on how to effectively manage time.

  • Educate, inspire recipients will appreciate it (categories: parenting, games, toys, DIY).

Help with cooking

We have flour, pasta and rice. We forgot that we can’t cook …

  • Create habits, discover cooking talents (categories: FMCG / grocery stores).

Escape from reality

When the world is fighting a virus, watching memes and tick-toks allows us to survive.

  • Give moments of joy, transfer the event to online (categories: FMCG, entertainment).

Truth seeking

Doctors, nurses, journalists, scientists new influencers from the front of the fight against the virus…

  • Act if you have high credibility and you can educate.

Source: selection of statements, qualitative The Street survey, conducted online from March 29 to April 3. 52 people took part in the discussion.